The main purpose of THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FORENSIC COMPUTER SCIENCE (ICOFCS) is to bring together researchers interested in Forensic Computer Science, in order to foster development in this matter.

The ICoFCS is hosted by The Brazilian Association of High Technology Experts (, and supported by the  University of Brasília (

This conference has an international committee of reviewers from several countries. In addition, papers are rigorously reviewed by three committee members,  experts on the matter aborded in such papers. Only papers with recognized scientific rigor are accepted, presented at the conference and published in its proceedings.

The ICoFCS uses blind peer review process. So that prospective authors are kindly asked to submit their papers without any identification of them. The ICoFCS reviewers do not know any author's identity, as well as any identifying information is stripped from the document before review.

All papers published in the ICoFCS Proceedings have DOI numbers, and are registered in the CrossRef Database.

This conference is ranked by Capes/Qualis in stratum B5, in the area of Computer Science.


Papers are submited to the email:
(please discart NOSPAM.COM)


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